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How to choose the best mobile data plans

When choosing a data plan it is easy to get wrong. If the user needs more than hired, you’re losing money. And if you need less, too. How to pick the one you really need? A first tip is to watch your data consumption. All smartphones allow you to do today. If you know how many ‘mega’ or ‘gigs’ used each month, and if their routines are relatively constant, adjust it’s much easier to plan. But if you are a new user, or feel that their habits changed, it is best to follow these recommendations.


1. If you keep on your mobile internet, never contracted less than 1 GB. The reason is that applications and utilities on your device can make bulky downloads without you noticing, as updates or ‘patches’ that can eat a good ‘slice’ of their data. Another reason is that you may get buff your constant connection, or one day need to use it with more intensity than normal. In such cases it is better to have room to do so. It also works in reverse: if you choose a data plan less than 1 GB, it is not a good idea to keep your mobile data in continuous operation.

2. . If you do not stay long in an area with Wi-Fi, try to hire at least 2 GB. If constantly or in your home or office moves not have a wireless connection, you will need your mobile connection very often, sometimes even to share with other Wi-Fi devices. You must choose a data plan with 2 GB or more, because any lesser amount you may be poor if this is their primary means of connectivity, especially if you consume streaming services on their devices. A tip derived from this is that if you have less than 2 GB of mobile data, try to connect to wireless networks in your home or office as you can.

3. If you are sharing your mobile connection to multiple devices consistently, your ‘plan’ should be 3 GB. No need to worry if one afternoon or two, you decide to give your Wi-Fi laptop or tablet from your mobile. But if you plan to do it every day, it is best to choose a data plan and avoided bulky surprises. Note that, in general, the larger the screen data consumed: a tablet tend to spend more ‘megas’ than a phone and a PC more than a tablet. Extra tip: be very careful with the battery.

4. If you like the videos and see what will or transmit anywhere, 4 GB is the minimum. If you decided that this new smartphone with full HD and 4G connection is to see a video of kittens after another while going from work to home, or if your new tablet will replace forever the old TV, you need a lot of data. At the same time, if you need to make constant teleconference from anywhere, or if you plan to take to the streets and television from your mobile, your consumption will be even greater. In any case, you must choose a data plan supercharged, and for that the minimum is to have 4 GB.