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Application Line continues to grow in benefits but stagnates in users

Although technology evolution and renewal are two of the pillars, the “custom” sometimes decisive factor to stay among the elite of the country in which your product is located. Cases like Tweetbot Twitter clients on iOS or WhatsApp instant messaginglevel, still coexisting with all subsequent options that have come to the news still stoic and his questionable pace of evolution.
Others, such as Line, struggling to maintain their place in the competition and the numbers indicate that despite achieve stay there, still be improved. On the one hand, the Japanese company has just publicaren its official blog the financial results for the last quarter and these are positive, both compared to the same period in 2014 as compared to the decline experienced in the first quarter. However, a more detailed reading by the company does not grow in the same way in every aspect.


Not enough to grow
According to reports from the app Line has a total of 267 million in the third quarter of 2015, which means a 15% increase over the previous quarter and 35% more than what was obtained last year in the same period . However, on the other hand is the number of monthly active users (MAU), which in this case is 212 million, a million more compared to the previous balance. If this rise is compared with respect to the above, we see that the former is considerably less, six million.

WhatsApp banishes Skype as the preferred application for Internet calls

How many years has Skype (among others) allowing to make calls and video calls over the Internet? Probably not enter the fingers of one hand, but has been reaching calls to WhatsApp, one of the most used applications in the world instant messaging, and seems to have discovered or invented this Internet calling.

And that fact has emerged called its effect, because WhatsApp is now the preferred application to make calls and video calls over the Internet, ahead of the legendary Skype. But besides the household panel of the CNMC also it reveals the ranking of use of online messaging applications, where it obtained second place Facebook Messenger.
WhatsApp messaging application is now more used in Spain is not a new thing for nothing. The estimates have sometimes been talked about 90% of users who typically use, a figure that CNMC concrete in 84.6% of regular Internet users, well above the 25.2% who use Facebook Messenger or Skype 8.1%.
But calls via WhatsApp with less than a year old, the application we use to write the vast majority has also managed to dethrone Skype calls as the preferred application. Although it can not be used from a PC or Mac or do not have the option of video calls, its popularity has made Skype loses his throne. And its main advantage is the number of users and the only need the telephone number of our contact to call.

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