WhatsApp banishes Skype as the preferred application for Internet calls

How many years has Skype (among others) allowing to make calls and video calls over the Internet? Probably not enter the fingers of one hand, but has been reaching calls to WhatsApp, one of the most used applications in the world instant messaging, and seems to have discovered or invented this Internet calling.

And that fact has emerged called its effect, because WhatsApp is now the preferred application to make calls and video calls over the Internet, ahead of the legendary Skype. But besides the household panel of the CNMC also it reveals the ranking of use of online messaging applications, where it obtained second place Facebook Messenger.
WhatsApp messaging application is now more used in Spain is not a new thing for nothing. The estimates have sometimes been talked about 90% of users who typically use, a figure that CNMC concrete in 84.6% of regular Internet users, well above the 25.2% who use Facebook Messenger or Skype 8.1%.
But calls via WhatsApp with less than a year old, the application we use to write the vast majority has also managed to dethrone Skype calls as the preferred application. Although it can not be used from a PC or Mac or do not have the option of video calls, its popularity has made Skype loses his throne. And its main advantage is the number of users and the only need the telephone number of our contact to call.

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