How to choose the best mobile data plans

When choosing a data plan it is easy to get wrong. If the user needs more than hired, you’re losing money. And if you need less, too. How to pick the one you really need? A first tip is to watch your data consumption. All smartphones allow you to do today. If you know how many ‘mega’ or ‘gigs’ used each month, and if their routines are relatively constant, adjust it’s much easier to plan. But if you are a new user, or feel that their habits changed, it is best to follow these recommendations.


1. If you keep on your mobile internet, never contracted less than 1 GB. The reason is that applications and utilities on your device can make bulky downloads without you noticing, as updates or ‘patches’ that can eat a good ‘slice’ of their data. Another reason is that you may get buff your constant connection, or one day need to use it with more intensity than normal. In such cases it is better to have room to do so. It also works in reverse: if you choose a data plan less than 1 GB, it is not a good idea to keep your mobile data in continuous operation.

2. . If you do not stay long in an area with Wi-Fi, try to hire at least 2 GB. If constantly or in your home or office moves not have a wireless connection, you will need your mobile connection very often, sometimes even to share with other Wi-Fi devices. You must choose a data plan with 2 GB or more, because any lesser amount you may be poor if this is their primary means of connectivity, especially if you consume streaming services on their devices. A tip derived from this is that if you have less than 2 GB of mobile data, try to connect to wireless networks in your home or office as you can.

3. If you are sharing your mobile connection to multiple devices consistently, your ‘plan’ should be 3 GB. No need to worry if one afternoon or two, you decide to give your Wi-Fi laptop or tablet from your mobile. But if you plan to do it every day, it is best to choose a data plan and avoided bulky surprises. Note that, in general, the larger the screen data consumed: a tablet tend to spend more ‘megas’ than a phone and a PC more than a tablet. Extra tip: be very careful with the battery.

4. If you like the videos and see what will or transmit anywhere, 4 GB is the minimum. If you decided that this new smartphone with full HD and 4G connection is to see a video of kittens after another while going from work to home, or if your new tablet will replace forever the old TV, you need a lot of data. At the same time, if you need to make constant teleconference from anywhere, or if you plan to take to the streets and television from your mobile, your consumption will be even greater. In any case, you must choose a data plan supercharged, and for that the minimum is to have 4 GB.

Application Line continues to grow in benefits but stagnates in users

Although technology evolution and renewal are two of the pillars, the “custom” sometimes decisive factor to stay among the elite of the country in which your product is located. Cases like Tweetbot Twitter clients on iOS or WhatsApp instant messaginglevel, still coexisting with all subsequent options that have come to the news still stoic and his questionable pace of evolution.
Others, such as Line, struggling to maintain their place in the competition and the numbers indicate that despite achieve stay there, still be improved. On the one hand, the Japanese company has just publicaren its official blog the financial results for the last quarter and these are positive, both compared to the same period in 2014 as compared to the decline experienced in the first quarter. However, a more detailed reading by the company does not grow in the same way in every aspect.


Not enough to grow
According to reports from the app Line has a total of 267 million in the third quarter of 2015, which means a 15% increase over the previous quarter and 35% more than what was obtained last year in the same period . However, on the other hand is the number of monthly active users (MAU), which in this case is 212 million, a million more compared to the previous balance. If this rise is compared with respect to the above, we see that the former is considerably less, six million.

WhatsApp banishes Skype as the preferred application for Internet calls

How many years has Skype (among others) allowing to make calls and video calls over the Internet? Probably not enter the fingers of one hand, but has been reaching calls to WhatsApp, one of the most used applications in the world instant messaging, and seems to have discovered or invented this Internet calling.

And that fact has emerged called its effect, because WhatsApp is now the preferred application to make calls and video calls over the Internet, ahead of the legendary Skype. But besides the household panel of the CNMC also it reveals the ranking of use of online messaging applications, where it obtained second place Facebook Messenger.
WhatsApp messaging application is now more used in Spain is not a new thing for nothing. The estimates have sometimes been talked about 90% of users who typically use, a figure that CNMC concrete in 84.6% of regular Internet users, well above the 25.2% who use Facebook Messenger or Skype 8.1%.
But calls via WhatsApp with less than a year old, the application we use to write the vast majority has also managed to dethrone Skype calls as the preferred application. Although it can not be used from a PC or Mac or do not have the option of video calls, its popularity has made Skype loses his throne. And its main advantage is the number of users and the only need the telephone number of our contact to call.

Apple iPad Mini 2 Space Grey 16GB


Display 7.9 Inches
The spectacular display has over 3.1 million pixels, more UN Million HD TV. The photos and videos are in detail and Definition A text is astonishing.

Slim and light design
Thanks to the advanced features and The iSight camera and FaceTime HD, iPad Mini can with what you throw, but it fits in one hand.

A7 chip
IPad responds in the blink of an eye thanks to scammers A7 chip 64-bit architecture. And sin Giving a An impressive range up to 10 hours.2

Ultrafast connection
The Wi-Fi 802.11n with MIMO Technology is very veloz.3: In addition, the model with Wi-Fi + Cellular is compatible with many more bands you connect LTE paragraph Accelerate from any place in the world.1

It includes stunning applications
The iPad comes with perfect application to read The Courier, Browsing the Internet and make video calls. And also to do real fancy stuff with your photos, videos, songs, documents, presentations and spreadsheets.

IPhone 6s

IPhone 6s

As you test the iPhone 6s , you get the feeling that he had never used anything like it. Touch 3D technology just press the screen to do more than you can imagine. The new Live Photos function gives life to your memories, literally. And this is just the beginning. As you go deeper , you realize that the iPhone 6s is innovation at all levels.


The innovation is not always obvious, but if you look closely you will find improvements only iPhone 6s. Its housing is made of a new 7000 series aluminum alloy , the same material used in aerospace. The cover glass is the most durable of all smartphones. And now you can choose between spatial gray, silver and gold, or jump into the new rose gold finish.

The iPhone 6S has a 4.7 – inch 1334 x 750 IPS LCD screen with a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch. That size Makes it one of the smallest flagships around, which could be a good or bad thing depending on how large you want your phone to be , but for big -screen fans there ‘s always the iPhone 6S Plus anyway.

There’s a 1.84GHz dual-core Apple A9 processor and 2GB of RAM in the iPhone 6S, which is a bit of an upgrade on the 1GB found in the iPhone 6 but still fairly lacking compared to rivals like the octa-core Samsung Galaxy S6.

Multi Sim

If you’ve ever wondered if it is possible to use the megabytes or calls your mobile tariff with your tablet or other smartphone , the answer is yes. The solution is a service called MultiSIM , which offer most operators for a few euros a month. We explain what it is.


The MultiSIM is a service offered by most operators sharing the megas your mobile tariff with other devices with 3G/4G connection. This is a copy of your SIM (or more) that you can use on a tablet, smartphone or other portable USB skewer.

Make the most of your mobile tariff !

• Talk and browse multiple devices without
changing the SIM card between them.

• Use your time to rate your tablet, or USB modem
other Smartphone.

• Up to 4 SIM cards with the same number
of phone.

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